Louise is a qualified nutritionist (BHSc) who is passionate about health, food and living life fully and naturally. She believes that the road to good health begins in the kitchen, with fresh seasonal wholefoods that nourish the body with every mouthful. 

A lover of cooking and eating, she draws on world travel to create new and delicious recipes as well as giving old classics a healthy update. Louise believes there is no one diet or lifestyle that is suited to everyone. Living optimally is about taking a personal, lifelong approach to your health, finding a sense of balance and feeling empowered to invest in your own wellbeing.  

Love your body and nourish it daily. 

Louise’s key treatment areas are –

·      Stress, anxiety and mood

·      Digestive health (e.g IBS, bloating, constipation, food intolerances, low energy, poor gut health)

·      Cleansing and detoxification

·      Weight loss

·      Fatigue (including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia)

Louise takes a biochemical approach in considering each individual’s lifestyle and predispositions and tailors a nutritional strategy – including dietary modification, lifestyle advise and supplementation – to help her client’s reach their goals. 

Louise is in clinical practice at Healthspace Bondi Junction and Kings Cross 


Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine

Currently completely and Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine